SuperSkills is an individual skill mastery and sport education system organized and segmented into progressive belt levels from cadet to master achievable within but not limited to four (4) years.

The training system itself centers on the crucible of one versus one (1-v-1) to become a master of beating your opponent in various one on one situations.

Every movement, every drill, and every training session is designed specifically toward using the most efficient methods and the quickest and direct ways to each player’s individual ball mastery and development.  Players are able to make quantum leaps athletically often in less than 6 months once they have embraced the SuperSkills system.

The collective amount of repetitive movement combined with the focus on 1-v-1 combat duels develops skill mastery and a refined sense of athletic ability at an entirely accelerated rate compared to any of the other ball/object themed sports or games of skill that have been evolved this far i.e. indoor soccer, futsal, beach soccer, free-styling and other derivative football/soccer games and competitions of the original FIFA rules 11-v-11 what is commonly referred to as ‘European football’.


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Why SuperSkillsUSA?

SuperSkillsUSA is the World’s best soccer skills development program.  SuperSkills teaches the secrets to expert dribbling & complete ball mastery.


Order Over Chaos

The SuperSkills Motto is “Order Over Chaos”. Our kids learn how to compete, set and attain goals, build confidence, and soccer skill mastery. Our Dojo is set up so no one is left behind. We take great pride in helping kids of all ages and development levels learn soccer ball mastery.